Delaney Nolan is an established author with stories published in numerous magazines, including Treehouse, and a published chapbook called Shotgun Style: A Diagram of the Territory of New Orleans. Her flash, “You Live Alone in a Small House,” was published in the second issue of Treehouse in the summer of 2012. Her website is When she is not writing, she does freelance copy-editing. 

Treehouse is a relatively new online journal that accepts works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and “genre-benders.” They also post a monthly prompt called a Brief Encounter that writers are encouraged to respond to in less than 400 words. Issues of this journal are organized by season, but a new work is published every Monday. This journal has a 15% acceptance rate, making it easier to get into than Harvard. They encourage experimental writing and allow simultaneous submissions.They are not accepting submissions at the moment, but they will resume on February 16th. Here’s a link to the submission guidelines:

Here is the flash by Delaney Nolan:


Writing Prompt:

Write a story about having to do an unpleasant task, i.e. taking out the trash, washing dishes, cleaning dead animals off of the highway, etc. 


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